Should Kids Be Taught About Guns in School?

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Historian and former Guns & Ammo columnist Dick Metcalf during the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival

At the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival, historian and former Guns & Ammo columnist Dick Metcalf sat down for a fiery discussion on guns with National Journal Editorial Director Ron Brownstein. Metcalf made headlines late last year when his long-time career at Guns & Ammo came to an end after a piece he wrote about the line between firearm regulation and the 2nd Amendment.

Georgia ‘guns everywhere’ bill takes effect

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Georgia residents can now carry guns into bars, nightclubs, school classrooms, and certain government buildings that lack security personnel or devices – with a license to carry, of course.

Patrons can thank the measure, effective Tuesday, that critics call the “guns everywhere” and “most extreme gun” bill.

Constitution Check: Is the Second Amendment a barrier to “smart guns”?

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Lyle Denniston says a movement to promote the adoption of the so-called “smart gun” technology will most likely be opposed by lawyers working to promote robust Second Amendment rights.


“Industry pressure has prevented the market for safer guns from being allowed to take its course, and has kept safer guns off the market entirely….A firearms dealer in California recently offered a personalized handgun for sale, at least until it was pressured to stop selling it, according to various media reports. A firearms dealer in Maryland announced that he had received a personalized handgun from a manufacturer and intended to offer it for sale, until he received death threats and other pressure, at which point he stated that he would not sell the gun.”

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