Top 22 Handguns For Your Defense

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In a time of crisis almost everyone will be armed regardless of what the government tries to do about it. Having and knowing how to use personal defensive handguns will make survival possible for you and your family.

New Pennsylvania Law Causes Towns To Weaken Gun Restrictions

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Barely a week after taking effect, a novel state law that makes it easier for gun-rights groups to challenge local firearms measures in court is already sparking change: Nearly two dozen Pennsylvania municipalities have agreed to get rid of their potentially problematic ordinances rather than face litigation.

Guns likely to soon claim more lives than car crashes – report

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More young Americans are likely to be killed by guns than car crashes this year for the first time in decades, according to a new report published by a DC-based research group.

Researchers at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a DC-based progressive public policy research and advocacy organization, have published an analysis in which they predict that shooting deaths will claim more lives in 2015 than automobiles – at least among America’s youth.


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